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20 Oct

Big Businesses Must Reveal Sustainability Credentials

Large UK firms will have to start disclosing climate impact with annual filings The government will force big businesses, large asset managers and institutional investors to reveal their sustainability credentials under a fresh, green reporting regime...

20 Oct

The UK’s new green rules when bidding for government contracts

In June 2021, Boris Johnson made it clear to businesses that if they want access to major government contracts, they need to disclose and commit to net zero goals.  These new green rules have now come...

20 Oct

Global energy price hike pressures businesses to procure and manage power wisely

Energy costs in the UK have soared to unprecedented levels in recent months following rising natural gas prices, low wind production, high LNG demand in Asia, and Brexit- and COVID-19-induced inflation. Prices are expected to continue...

13 Oct

How microgrids provide energy resiliency

The energy crisis accentuated our need for renewable energy in our national grid. Tight supplies in the grid puts many industries and businesses at operational risk. It is argued that Britain’s ambitious climate goals and reliance...

4 Oct

5 business energy questions answered using ClearVUE. PRO

You cannot manage what you cannot measure, and ClearVUE. PRO provides deep levels of energy consumption analysis to help you transform your business energy profile and make savings along the way.  The deep level of analytics...

24 Sep

Energy Self Sufficiency

The creative endeavours to find innovative new ways to improve sustainability and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels can boggle the mind. There have been some interesting headline seen across the spectrum. There have been studies...

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